My Mixed Reality Extension apps. I desire no credit for using my apps in your worlds, or sharing them, I only ask that if anyone asks you for the URI of one, you will share it with them.


A suit I made. The link is "ws://[your name]". Just swap the [your name] part out with what your name is (not your username, but your display name). For example; my name is James while my username is Frozen. For me, it would be "ws://". Be aware that only one person can use it at the same time in the same space. This is because of a unity camera trick I did for the fading, appearing and talking effects. I might make a simpler MRE that lets more people use it later, at some point. It wouldn't be as cool, though.


I made a skybox MRE because there's not too many options to customize your sky in Altspace. Original skybox shader created by Dylan Meville. Spawn it using "ws://". Once you spawn it, you will get a little cube in front of you with some of my lovely pixel art that represents the current sky. Only moderators or terraformers can press the cube. Once you press the cube, you will get a UI system in front of you which lets you customize the sky. Of course, the app will remember your customization in your world so even if you delete and replace the MRE, it should still be the same. My friend, Ben, did help me quite a lot with the UI system of it, so credit to him. The video below shows one out of 15 different settings. Performance-wise, it's not too bad for quest, but you will have to find out for yourself.

Tracking ring

A pretty useful app for big worlds that lets everyone track anyone. Spawn it with "ws://" or "ws://" if you want people to be able to hide so others can't track them. I had been wanting to make a compass app that lets you track other people for a while, and I got the idea for the ring from "Howl's Moving Castle". Again, Ben helped me with this one, too.


I made a simple pong game. It's fun. "ws://"


Not that useful unless you want to stack cards or gain information that's already on this website. It's an app that generates my business card. Of course, you could put it there if you're using some of my other things... I mean, if you want to... "ws://[number of cards you want]". There's not a limit to how many cards you can put after "amount", so feel free to spawn thousands and crash everyone.

Inverted mirror

A fun mirror made by me and Ben back when I got started with MREs. You can spawn it using "ws://" or "ws://". It will spawn an inverted mirror than anyone can click or touch to invert the entire world.