All of my shaders support URP and HDRP. They are all made in Amplify Shader Editor, and developed to function on mobile VR, so they should work for any device.


A distance-based dissolving shader I made for some of my VR worlds. It provides some different dissolving options such as hex, grid, or a mesmerizing lava lamp shape, or you can choose to use a noise texture (or a gradient from black to white mapped the way you want it).


A pretty cool disco shader I made for various purposes. You can change the main texture. I have a sphere texture on the floor and squares on the wall in the first example. I am also using a render texture so it picks up a particle set on a certain layer. however, you are able to use images as you can see in the second video.

Fake Skybox

Probably one of the most useful shaders I've made. It warps a cubemap/skybox depending on view position to create a 3D effect like you're looking into another world. You can also use it instead of, or right outside windows to simulate the outer world. There are a lot of possibilities, especially in VR.

Procedural wood

Although it's not the most spectacular wooden shader ever, it's not that heavy and it is completely procedural.